The Old School New Body Review

An Honest Assessment of The Old School New Body Plan

I have come across different body workout plans and found nothing as useful as the Old School New Body Fitness Plan. This program,, isn’t one of those plans where you have to work out all day long – instead, you just have to exercise around 90 minutes every week!



What Is This Diet Plan?

Ever wanted to feel young and energetic, just like a teenager?  With hectic life and work schedules, our body can easily look ten years older than what we are. The Old School New Body Plan includes weight lifting exercises and nutritional guidelines that fit your needs and age.  Designed for both men and women, this fitness program helps you look and feel younger.



F4X Fitness

There are only 4 exercise routines-named F4X, which stands for Focus-For-Exercise.  The series are:
– Squats,
Incline presses,
Bent-over rows and
– Dumbbell upright rows.

Once you start exercising, you feel the effects within a few days.  I got to see my stomach muscles building up in less than a week! Even better, the length of the routine is only 30 minutes.  You should workout three times a week, which means you are spending 90 minutes a week exercising.

Vince Gironda from

Training Evolved from 50 Years Ago

The Fitness Plan isn’t just a new fad. In fact, it was used by one of the leading Hollywood fitness trainers, Vince Gironda, back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Steve Holman, who created this program, discovered the old fitness routines at the warehouse where he worked. He made some changes so that the fitness plans were brought up to date. The results, as I too have seen, are just amazing.


What Can A Good Plan Do For You?

– Help you get a well built lean muscle body that you can show off to everyone.
–  Look and feel a good many years younger than what you are.
– The diet plan is aimed at making you healthier and presents a new way of life, which is both natural and quick.
–  The short and intense training workout sessions help build cardiac muscles and increases production of free radicals that increase cell and tissue regeneration.
– The workouts are great when it comes to reducing joint pain.
– There is no need to go to a gym anymore, and no more expensive gym equipment.
– Designed for everyone, whether you’re young or not so young!


Unlocking The Power Of Old School New Body

This workout plan is different than many others you find out there.
You can get better results with the exercise plan if you combine it with the right diet plan. I love some of those foods that contain fat and was surprised to know that the diet advocated the use of foods that contain fat. The program banks on the fact that fats and cholesterol will help you to regenerate hormone cells, improve metabolism and build muscles.

You need fat to burn energy as they say. The main thing that the fitness plan wants you to avoid, however, is sugar.  Sugar can quickly turn into stored fat and also upset insulin levels in the body. You also need to drink a lot of water on this plan, as water helps you burn more fat.

first step.jpg

Get Started Today

The Old School New Body plan helps develop a good combination between exercise and nutrition, helping your body to get all that it needs to stay fit and young. I highly recommend that you get started today and take that first step.


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